AHEAD (Association for Humanrights Education and Development) is a non-governmental non-profit organisation working for the underprivileged tribes of western Odisha, Nuapada and Kalahandi districts.

Our Vision

“To educate the people for a dignified life to realize their fullest human potential”.

Objectives of the Organisation

  • To initiate action for social transformation and ensure equality particularly of the poorest, the women, children, SC and ST people.
  • To generate awareness for protection of environment, ecology, traditional knowledge, secularism and social amity.
  • To establish networking with other NGOs and take up work on the similar line.
  • To extend active support in the implementation  various schemes of government meant for the poor and to integrate them with the national mainstream.
  • To conduct and propogate through conferences, studies, research, documentation, publication etc. matters relating to human rights and development.
  • To work for strengthening the implementation of the UDHR and other International Treaties. Also fight for ensuring the rights for all people enshrined in the Constitution of India.
  • To take up all other matters which are related to the above objectives or are a natural corollary of it.

Our Organisation


Organisation of AHEAD


Mr Dolamohan Singh Babu, Secretary


  • Running a Special School for 50 Child Labour  supported  by Ministry of Labour, GOI in 2004-05 under NCLP .
  • Self Help Groups and Micro Finance( Organised and supported 110 SHGs and 15 JLGs in Khariar. All of them linked to local Banks for their sustenance). Support by NABARD.
  • Capacity Building of Elected members of PRIs.(184 members oriented on their role and responsibilities, functioning of the PRIs system and other related subjects).Project supported by The Hunger Project, New Delhi
  • Micro-level planning and preparation of village Development Plans.(71 micro level plans developed with the involvement of village people). Support by CIDA.
  • Small Study on the status of Disabled (differently abled) in Khariar Block. (188 persons identified in 7GPs. Referred to the department of Social Welfare for support)
  • Campaign to include Disabled persons in census.
  • Women’s Empowerment through Literacy Program.(Involved 4142 rural women in the special literacy program supported by Government of India)
  • Advocacy on the issues of IDPs (Internally Displaced Persons): A study taken up in the Lower Indra Irrigation Project Area and found 2964 persons displaced by the Project in 15 villages).Advocacy with the department for early rehabilitation, organized committee of IDPs.Support by FORUM-ASIA, Bangkok, Thailand
  • Disaster Preparedness- Training of village level youths organized in 8 GPs.
  • HIV/AIDS:Prevention and Care: We implemented a project on HIV/AIDS-its prevention and care for sex workers, migrants and other communities. We trained 125 Peer Educators from different villages of Khariar and Komna who spread the message on prevention from HIV/AIDS, use of safe methods and health check up system at government  Hospitals. Support by OXFAM India Trust, BBSR.
  • Human Rights Education for school Children.(125 children of class 6th and 7th from 4 schools from Khariar Block area given human rights education using a special curriculum and books.) in Collaboration with Peoples’ Watch, Tamil Nadu.
  • Right To Livelihood- advocacy on NREGA.(Initially when NREGA started, we took a campaign to popularize it among rural people and encouraged them to get job cards, also helped to get involved in the scheme and take employment benefits. Presently (2011-2014)MGNREGS is an important theme for our intervention in Sadar Block.It is used as an important source of income for migrants in Khariar Boden and Komna with whom we work now. Support: SDTT, Mumbai.
  • Sustainable Agriculture: (In six GPs of Khariar we organized and supported local farmers through different initiatives like, adopting better seeds and improved methods of farming, demonstration of vegetable crops, training and orientation on pest management, SRI, Line sowing, integrated farming etc. This was with the support from Syngenta Foundation.)
  • Strengthening Migration Related Livelihoods: Identified 1400 migrant labour and supported them to get ID Cards, register names in Panchayat before leaving, provided health check up and medicines after return, trained youths on different trades to improve their skills, helped them to get involved in NREGA whenever they are at source. Also extended legal support and consultancy to 11 families to get compensation in case of accident. Trained 40 migrant youths on different skills like Plumbering,Electric House wiring, Mason and Motor-bike repair and maintenance. Support: SDTT, Mumbai
  • Just Governance through Gram Swaraj: Adopted 4 GPs of Khariar to strengthen process of governance through activise standing committees, formation of Gram Swaraj Committee, development of micro plans, strengthening Gram Sabhas and Palli Sabhas,establishment of village level resource centres.
  • PACS Project: Implemented in 5 GPs of Bhawanipatna Block in Kalahandi district. This aims to strengthen and help the SEGs(Socially Excluded Groups) to be able to get involved properly in the mainstream development,particularly getting land entitlements under FRA,jobs under NREGS, form SHGs and work for self development, advocacy and lobby with administration for developing a proper empowerment process for the excluded communities. Support: CWS Bhubaneswar
  • Migrant Bonded Labour: We work with released migrant bonded labour for their rehabilitation through government support. Health check up is an important component for them which is done after they are released and come home. Support: Aide et Action, BBSR

Facilitating Effective Implimentation of the Swachh Bharat Mission(G) in collabotation with 6 g.Ps. in Nuapada District, Odisha: Aleady motivated community who have so far constructed 2800 toilets under the SBM(G)schemes in 26 villages OF Khariar Block in Nuapada within 1.5 years. Support: ARGHYAM